Workers Shut Down Mercedes Factory That Called Its 5000 Employees In During Coronavirus : worldnews

someone put it well to me today: if the government forces you to shut down, you are off the hook on all contracts – if you decide to shut down, you will be sued into fucking oblivion.

make absolutely no mistake this is 100% the government’s responsiblity because otherwise you are asking a small number of people to do something charitably which the rest of the country is not at great fiscal and legal liability to themselves individually. Yes i know it sounds cruel of them, but this is the truth – you know, these employees are also going to work putting others at risk because they need or want the money instead of using vacation/savings/debt because the government hasn’t said they will be paid… We can argue all day about who has more and should make the first step but this is the simple reality. This REQUIRES government intervention on seriously high levels


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