Pet lover finds ingenious solution to coronavirus lockdown (VIDEO) — RT World News

As many continue their self-isolation to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, some have the added burden of restless pets needing to go outside and answer the call of nature. One dog owner has a genius solution, however.

After the unfortunate news that the first dog diagnosed with coronavirus infection died in Hong Kong Wednesday, pet owners are more worried than ever. But, it’s a dog’s life after all, and man’s best friend needs their exercise.

One Twitter user shared an ingenious compromise which limits human exposure to the outside, fulfilling their civic duty, while also allowing their four-legged pal to stretch their paws and get some much-needed fresh air, all thanks to a small drone. 

Alas, other hardworking doggos have not been so fortunate but are quickly gaining fame online as self-isolation apparently inspires creativity like never before.

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