Kazakhstan’s Tokayev defends government’s actions in dealing with Covid-19

NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – On June 26, seven deaths from coronavirus infection were reported in the capital of Kazakhstan. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Nur-Sultan has reached 45, the country’s Health Ministry said on June 26. A total of 147 fatal cases were recorded in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh authorities took a number of socio-economic measures since the start of the pandemic. There was a state of emergency in the country for about two months. Quarantine operations are ongoing. However, despite the quarantine measures, the spread of the virus has accelerated recently. Already, the number of infected is already about 20,000. More than a hundred people have died from this disease. This is very worrying for people. The epidemic did not pass by representatives of the authorities at various levels.

Today there is talk that the government has ceased to control the spread of the epidemic, therefore there are not enough places in hospitals.

“I consider the argument that we are losing in the fight against the epidemic, and the government has lost control over the situation is incorrect,” Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said in an interview to Kazakh language newspaper Ana tili (Mother’s language).

He recalled, three hospitals focusing on infectious diseases were built quickly in the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent. Clinics in other regions were equipped with the necessary equipment. Kazakh doctors have the necessary knowledge to treat patients.

“Today, doctors are selflessly fighting the pandemic day and night. For its part, the state has allocated the necessary funds,” Tokayev added.

He said those “who are in power are the same people as all of us.” People with responsibilities, due to their duties, need to meet with citizens, so they go on business trips around the country and they can become infected. Indeed, they are ill and undergoing the necessary treatment. About 15 people from among the heads of various authorities became sick.

Former health minister of Kazakhstan Elzhan Birtanov has filed a petition to the head of state to dismiss him from the post of Minister. Due to the fact that he got a coronavirus infection complicated by pneumonia.

According to current official statistics, the number of people infected with the virus in the country has reached about 20,000 (19 750) people. Most of them are ordinary citizens.

“It is not a question of who got infected. It is necessary to create conditions so that our citizens will soon recover without complications. You cannot divide the sick into officials and ordinary people. As the saying goes, ‘we are all on the same boat,’” Tokayev said.

“We are all in the same country, breathing the same air, experiencing the same problems, so no one can fully defend themselves against this disease,” Tokayev said, adding: “We are on the same planet, so you can’t sit back thinking that the disease from other countries will not come to us. A pandemic does not recognise borders”.

Kazakh president urged people to take care of themselves and loved ones and protect themselves from the disease.

“Therefore, I urge citizens to strictly observe the quarantine regime and to carefully consider sanitary and hygienic requirements. This is a passing phenomenon; the difficulties are temporary. We must pay special attention to the question of how we will continue to develop, what we will do after the end of the pandemic and the economic crisis,” Tokayev said.

On June 27-28, the activities of all shopping centers, trading houses, chain stores, indoor food and non-food markets, bazaars / shops will be suspended in the capital of Kazakhstan, the city akimat (city hall) said. On weekends, residents are not allowed to leave their homes, with the exception of going to a nearby food store, to a pharmacy, receiving medical services, or to work, whose activities are allowed.

Public transport will not go on weekends in Nur Sultan. In addition, all public places: parks, squares, embankments, beaches and other crowded places will be closed.

Some regionals of country again introduced quarantine.




Source: https://www.neweurope.eu/article/kazakhstans-tokayev-defends-governments-actions-in-dealing-with-covid-19/