Kazakhstan’s Tengiz field tightens restrictions due to coronavirus

NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – The authorities in Atyrau region, where Kazakhstan’s giant Tengiz oil field is located, have decided to introduce a special regime for the oil and gas project due to the many coronavirus cases in the region, Atyrau Region Chief Sanitary Officer Temirbek Musagaliev said, state regional newspaper Akzhayyk reported on May 6.

And according to the decree of the chief sanitary doctor, Kazakh-American company Tengizchevroil together with the Akimat (City Hall) of the Atyrau region should organise a provisional hospital at the Tengiz field for 300 beds for people with COVID-19 symptoms.

Quarantine beds should also be organised in shift camps to isolate contacts with patients with coronavirus.

In addition, the entry and exit of vehicles from the Tengiz field is prohibited, with the exception of vehicles involved in ensuring production. Entry of vehicles without accompanying documentation, sanitisation and registration is prohibited.

Also, the movement of people from 21:00 to 05:00 hours inside and between shift camps is prohibited, with the exception of night shift personnel and doctors (in the case of emergency medical care), firefighting personnel, security guards, emergency services.

The Atyrau Region Police Department must establish roadblocks at all entrances and exits of the Tengiz field in order to prevent people who have not passed coronavirus testing from leaving the field.

According to the decree, it is necessary to speed up the demobilization of workers from the Tengiz field as much as possible. Demobilization of workers living in the Atyrau region from the territory of the Tengiz field should be carried out after passing the test for COVID-19 in the city of Atyrau and at the Tengiz field. Provide 14-day quarantine with PCR studies on COVID-19 for new arrivals. Organize a medical examination at the entrance/exit to the shift camps, including thermometry.

In Atyrau region, 209 patients with coronavirus infection were identified, 142 of them were workers from Tengiz.

Tengiz is the largest oil and gas field in western Kazakhstan, in the development of which the American company Chevron is participating. The annual production of Tengiz is about 25-26 million tonnes of oil. The annual volume of oil production in Kazakhstan as a whole is 90 million tonnes.


Source: https://www.neweurope.eu/article/kazakhstans-tengiz-field-tightens-restrictions-due-to-coronavirus/