International news update: Fresh lockdown for China, Covid-19 shutdowns hurt newspapers in Africa

The Chinese county of Jia in central Henan province, with around 600 000 residents, goes into lockdown after a woman who visited the area tests positive, underscoring concerns over a second wave of domestic infections, AFP reports.

Al Jazeera reports that the country fears a second wave of the outbreak.

The city of Milan has shut its main crematorium for the rest of the month to deal with a surge of bodies that have accumulated in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, AFP reports. More bodies could have caused “hygiene-sanitary problems”, the city council said.

Measures to stem the coronavirus pandemic have affected the distribution and publication of newspapers across Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, AFP reports.

In Tunisia, seven daily newspapers and 20 weeklies have been suspended from publication by their owners in recent days. The Covid-19 disease has killed 83 people in Algeria, according to an official toll, 36 in Morocco and 14 in Tunisia.

At least 1 000 036 infections have been recorded across 188 countries, including 51 718 deaths, according to an AFP calculation based on official country data and World Health Organisation figures.

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