Family arrested after toddler runs onto beach during tantrum amid coronavirus lockdown – World News

A family were arrested after their toddler broke lockdown restrictions by running on to a beach.

Liam Bulgen along with fiancée Tereza Cervinkova and their 21-month-old daughter, decided to go for a walk along the seafront in Muizenberg, South Africa.

The family live just 400 metres from the beach, and were walking next to the sand when their child ran onto the beach, sat down and “threw a tantrum” when Liam went to pick her up.

Tereza wanted some time alone, so Liam took their daughter out of the baby carrier when she suddenly ran onto the sand.

Police officers were quickly on the scene and told Mr Bulgen he was in “serious trouble” for letting his daughter out in public, and he was put into a police van.

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The couple were arrested after their toddler ran onto a beach, which is banned in South Africa under lockdown rules

Level 4 lockdown restrictions in the area state people are allowed to exercise between 6am and 9am within a 5km radius from their homes, but are not allowed on beaches or in parks.

Mr Bulgen told publication Times LIVE: “I politely told them what had happened. One officer told me I was so stupid for allowing my daughter out in public and the other, a captain, told me to get into the van because I was in serious trouble.

“They seemed stressed and aggressive so I remained calm.”

A South African man wears a mask made out of fabric in the South African national flag colours in Masiphumelele

Tereza was then put in a separate police vehicle while she was breastfeeding. When they arrived at the station, Liam asked officers if his parents could come and fetch their daughter, but was told they would also be arrested if they did.

Liam and Tereza were later charged for contravening the Disaster Management Act and are due to appear in court on August 6.

Mr Bulgen, 38, criticised the health and safety precautions at the station, claiming officers were not wearing face masks.

“Some of the police found our circumstances amusing,” he added.

Liam added he was worried about his family’s safety so he asked if they could walk to the police station just 150 metres away, but officers instead drove them there.

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Coronavirus outbreak

Since the arrest, Liam said the couple have received support from friends, family, and even politicians.

Police spokesperson Brig Novela Potelwa confirmed that the couple had been arrested for contravention of the Disaster Management Act regulations.

They added the couple were “briefly detained” at Muizenberg police station and warned to appear in court on August 6.