Euronews joins other broadcasters in donating ad space for coronavirus public health messages

Three major news broadcasters are donating airtime to national and global health authorities so they can promote public health messages to help combat the coronavirus.

Euronews, BBC Global News and CNN International have committed more than €46 million worth of advertising space to major organisations that are trying to inform and protect citizens to stop the spread of the virus.

Between them the broadcasters, which have all devoted much of their recent output to keeping the public up to date about the COVID-19 crisis, reach more than 800 million people.

“In these challenging times for the world, we have an even higher responsibility to bring our audiences accurate information in real-time, across our 12 language editions,” said Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews.

He added: “Our newsroom has been working round-the-clock, including with major multilateral organisations like the WHO, to ensure that our audiences stay up to date with the latest recommendations to avoid the virus spreading.

“But we want to go one step further. We are proud to be launching this initiative with our long-time peers BBC Global News and CNN International: together, we want to help health authorities broadcast their vital messages more widely, and we hope many other media will follow suit.”

It’s the first time the three broadcasters have worked together on a joint initiative, and they are encouraging other media organisations to follow suit.

The World Health Organization is the first to take up the offer, with an upcoming campaign focusing on seven steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

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