Coronavirus warning: Virus could infect 7.8BILLION people – smallpox doctor issues alert | World | News

Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant said the coronavirus pandemic was the “most dangerous pandemic in our lifetime”. He warned the fatal disease was capable of “infecting 7.8 billion of our brothers and sisters” because humans do not have immunity.

He said: “That there is no human being in the world that has immunity as a result of having had it before.

“That means it’s capable of infecting 7.8 billion of our brothers and sisters.

“It’s the most dangerous pandemic in our lifetime.”

Mr Brilliant warned that without a vaccine, experts could not decrease the total number of cases – it would just “postpone” it.

He told Wired: “Slowing it down or flattening it, we’re not going to decrease the total number of cases, we’re going to postpone many cases, until we get a vaccine – which we will, because there’s nothing in the virology of this vaccine that makes me frightened that we won’t get a vaccine in 12 to 18 months.

“Eventually, we will get to the epidemiologist gold ring.”

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