Coronavirus Update: U.S. Closes, Fed Rate Cut and Deaths Outside China

media_playBiden, Sanders go head-to-head in spirited debate

Biden, Sanders go head-to-head in spirited debate

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have sparred on healthcare, coronavirus and social security in a heated Democratic debate in Washington on Monday.

During the debate Mr Biden announced he will nominate a woman to be his running mate if he becomes the Democratic presidential candidate.

CNN reporter Whitney Wild told Sky News this debate was more “substantive” than its predecessors.

“It was competitive, but the feeling in this debate was less adversarial and more familial,” she said.

Two people who know each other very well who are having a substantive debate.

Very different from what we have seen in the past where candidates are looking for their Instagram moment”.

The debate was held days before voters in four states go to the polls to pick who they believe should be the Democratic nominee for president.

Image: AP


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