Coronavirus UK: The reason why coronavirus victims are testing positive AGAIN | World | News

Most countries have introduced measures to try and stop the virus spreading even further than it already has. The world now has over 201,000 confirmed cases worldwide, having taken over 8,000 lives worldwide.

However, more than 82,000 people – mainly from China – have been declared virus-free which will help researchers find a vaccine and treat the infection.

But some of the patients who have been discharged from the hospital and appear to have recovered, later tested positive for the virus.

The phenomenon has puzzled doctors who are attempting to fight the disease.

But there may be several explanations as to why a person my retest positive for the virus.

One particular case that is prominent is of a man from Wuhan who was 36 died on March 2.

He appeared to have recovered from the virus before he later died.

He diagnosis was respiratory tract obstruction, respiratory failure, and COVID-19, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The report noted that more than 100 patients from China have retested for the virus after “recovering”.

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Mr Di Terri said that it is normal in these cases to see an oscillation between positivity and negativity in testing.

It is reportedly common with other infections too.

The latest information states that the body does gain immunity after an infection and that another positive test does not necessarily mean reinfection has occurred.

Director of Hong Kong University’s School of Public Health Dr Keiji Fukuda said: “If you get an infection, your immune system is revved up against that virus.

“To get reinfected again when you’re in that situation would be quite unusual unless your immune system was not functioning right.”

Dormant fragments of the virus might also be present in a recovered patient which could also be detected during the chemical reaction of the covid-19 test.


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