Coronavirus: UK has 3rd highest COVID-19 death rate in Europe – on a par with China

The United Kingdom has one of the highest coronavirus death rates in the world, latest data reveals.

It has reported 104 deaths and 2,626 total cases of COVID-19 up to 17 March, meaning a fatality rate of around 40 per 1,000 infections – similar to China’s.

When compared to all countries that have reported more than 1,000 cases, it is the third highest in Europe and the fifth highest overall.

But the UK has the 10th highest number of infections globally.

The UK government has received criticism for its response to the pandemic as other countries have declared national emergencies, closing bars, restaurants and schools and banning large gatherings.

The highest death rate affected is in Italy, where more than 83 cases out of a 1,000 are fatal.

On Wednesday, t​he number of deaths in the country rose by 475 in one day to nearly 3,000.

Iran, China and Spain all have higher death rates than the UK, per 1,000 cases.

Meanwhile in Germany, where there are more than 12,000 active cases of coronavirus, only 31 deaths have been reported. With this ratio, just 2 of every 1,000 people who are diagnosed with coronavirus die.

Among European countries with more than 1,000 confirmed cases, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland all have a low mortality rate for COVID-19.


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