Coronavirus patient describes how quickly it can spread in London as it hits workmates

A woman believed to have coronavirus has described how quickly the bug can spread in London as it also hit her colleagues and flatmates.

Ella Soryl, 25, says the disease left her feeling like she’d been “punched all over” with body aches that were “crippling”.

She said eight out of 12 colleagues in her workplace came down with the same illness – followed by her two flatmates.

“Being in London, it’s a massive risk. On a train that thousands of people commute on every hour,” Ella said.

Ella, who has been living in the capital for three years, first became ill on Friday lunchtime when she felt herself almost falling asleep at her desk.

By midnight, she had developed a fever and aching body.

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Ella said she wasn’t actually tested (File photo)

“I couldn’t sleep. I was too hot, too cold, it hurt to walk, hurt to lie,” she told Stuff.

“I felt like somebody had punched me all over.”

She said it was worse than anything she’d felt before.

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And a colleague messaged her on the same day to say he had similar symptoms.

Ella says she phoned the emergency services and was told to stay at home, ‘positive’ she had the virus even though she wasn’t tested.

She was advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

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Coronavirus outbreak

But soon more of her colleagues began to fall ill, until eventually eight out of 12 of them had the bug.

Her two flatmates also became unwell.

Ella believes that there are more people with coronavirus than official figures show.

She says she wasn’t sure where she got the bug from – as she commutes from London’s busy Oxford station.

Thankfully she is on the up and says the fever and aches have now passed.


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