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The obituaries section in an Italian newspaper has shown the heartbreaking extent of how many deaths there have been as the country is gripped by coronavirus.

In a video widely shared on social media you can see someone turning the pages to show faces of people who have recently lost their lives.

The clip is being used as a warning against anyone claiming coronavirus is ‘just like the flu’.

“This is the daily newspaper of Bergamo, one of the epidemic hotspot in Italy,” a Twitter caption to the footage read.

“On Febrary 9th, obituaries occupied 1.5 pages.

“On March 13th, the paper printed 10 (!!) pages of obituaries.

“Please, #StayAtHome and show this to anyone who tells you #COVID19 ‘is just like the flu’.(sic)”

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The video shows someone flicking through the pages of the newspaper

People have been commenting on how sad the video is, with one saying: “Really sad… all those wee grans and grandads.

“What a loss to so many families.”

Another wrote: “Really sobering and so sad. Also sad is that they are likely not allowed to convene to say goodbye and hold funerals.”

People have been commenting how sad the reality of the situation

The death toll in Italy’s coronavirus outbreak rose to 1,441 on Saturday, up almost 14% from the 1,266 total reported a day earlier, the civil protection authority said on Saturday.

The total number of cases rose to 21,157 from 17,660, the authority said.

A medic in a hospital in Italy

Italy remains the worst affected country in Europe and second only to China, where the highly infectious virus first emerged.

The agency said 1,966 patients had recovered from the disease, which broke out in the north of the country on February 21, compared to 1,439 the day before.

The number of patients in intensive care rose to 1,518 against a previous 1,328.

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Coronavirus outbreak

All of Pope Francis’ Easter services next month will be held without the faithful attending, the Vatican said on Sunday, in a step believed to be unprecedented in modern times.

The services, four days of major events from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, usually draw tens of thousands of people to sites in Rome and in the Vatican.

The FCO advises against all but essential travel to all of Italy, including Sicily and Sardinia.

Authorities in Italy have advised against travel for tourism purposes and said tourists already on holiday in Italy should limit their movements to those necessary to return to the place where they live.


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