Coronavirus: New York to rethink next phase of reopening as cases spike nationwide

New York officials will rethink the next phase of reopening in New York City, which would include indoor dining, as coronavirus cases surge across the country.

The announcement was made by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday where he addressed the climbing cases in states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, and California.

Texas and Los Angeles, California, have now rolled back some of their reopening phases as cases climb, and Mr Cuomo said he wanted to prevent New York from having to similarly move backwards in its reopening plan.

There were two reasons that led state officials to reconsider New York City’s reopening plan: a failure in compliance of social distancing guidelines by citizens and the rise in cases across the US.

“Lack of compliance in New York City. You can see it in pictures … It is undeniable,” he said.

“It is not just indoor dining. It is indoor dining in New York City where you already have issues with high congregations. You already have issues with people clearly violating social distancing,” Mr Cuomo later added, stating an increase in viral spread across the nation increased the concern because those people could be travelling to New York.

“It is that combination of facts that is precarious.”

The final decision about what the next phase for New York City will be would be determined on Wednesday, Mr Cuomo said, after he consulted business owners and other officials.

“We are not going backwards, we are going forwards,” he added.

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