Coronavirus: Mum-of-four shows off results of £7 ‘shopping system’ for lockdown – World News

A mum-of-four says she has been stockpiling for years in a bid to save money, and while everyone is panic-buying, her home is ready for a few weeks of self isolation.

The Australian woman has shared her tips and photos of her full shelves on Facebook, which means her weekly shop can cost as little as £7 a week.

She wrote: “I’m a brilliant stockpiler and money manager and my system means my weekly groceries (getting literally what I want when I want) is $15 [about £7] a week.

“So I thought I’d share my system here in case it helps some of you out.”

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She has been stockpiling for years

Her system sees her going about her weekly shop as normal, but if she sees something on special – with 20 to 50% off – she grabs enough for four to six weeks.

She says she aims to buy just one to three of these bulk buy items when she does her normal shopping, and it saves her cash in the long run.

She added she also has a “two” system, meaning there are always two of everything in her cupboard so when one is being used, the other is back up.

The mum adds this should mean “you never buy expensive stuff at full price again”.

Her post read:”If one week you have a [bad] money week you just stop with the stockpile for that week, and you don’t need to buy much because you have your two system – all you need is the basics (bread/milk) and fruit/veg/meat.”

The woman revealed she now has stockpiles of razors, shampoo, toothpaste, pads, soft drinks, coffee, nappies, wipes and toilet paper, all at discounted prices.


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