Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Warns of ‘a Lot of Death’ While Also Revisiting Easter Sunday Services

Mr. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York have cited shortages of hospital equipment, something President Trump seemed to allude to in attacking the news media at a White House Briefing on Saturday.

“I guess they’re looking for ratings,” Mr. Trump said of unnamed media outlets. “I don’t know what they’re looking for.” He suggested that accounts of supply shortages at hospitals had been exaggerated. Mr. Trump said many hospital administrators had reported that their supply levels “are meeting their essential needs,” adding that they are “really thrilled to be where they are.”

Mr. Trump also criticized Mr. Cuomo on the issue of ventilators.

“He wanted 40,000 ventilators,” he said. “Now the governor, as you know, had a chance to get 16,000 a few years ago. He decided not to get that. The State of New York has asked for help. I’ve given them four hospitals, four medical centers, then I gave them an additional hospital, then I gave them military people to operate the hospital.”

“We have given the governor of New York more than anybody has ever been given in a long time, I’ll just say,” Mr. Trump added. “I was going to say in history, but in a long time. And I think he’s happy, but I think that, because I watched what he said today, and it was fine. I wouldn’t say gracious. It wasn’t gracious. It was OK.”

President Trump also announced at the briefing that some 1,000 military troops, mostly doctors and nurses, are deploying to New York City.

“At my direction, 1,000 military personnel are deploying to New York City to assist where they’re needed the most,” Mr. Trump said. “That’s the hottest of all the hot spots. New Jersey is right there.”

It was not exactly clear which troops Mr. Trump was referring to. There are already about 1,200 military medical personnel aboard the hospital ship Comfort that is now docked in New York.

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