Coronavirus live updates: Coronavirus cases top 300,000 in U.S.

While New Zealand now has more than 1,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is mostly proud of how people have complied with the nation’s lockdown order. But in a Sunday news conference, Ardern called out those who continue to flout the lockdown.

“While compliance has been generally strong, there are still some who I would charitably describe as idiots,” Ardern told reporters.

The prime minister specifically cited a Christchurch man who was arrested Saturday for filming himself deliberately coughing and sneezing on people at a grocery store.

“I’ve said both publicly and privately to him that I’m obviously disappointed that we’ve even had to discuss his activities some days ago,” Ardern said, according to Stuff.

Since New Zealand went into lockdown on March 25, Ardern said there have been signs that the order has worked. The prime minister noted that projections without the nationwide restrictions would have resulted in at least 4,000 cases.

She added that no decisions have been made whether to extend the four-week lockdown.

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