Coronavirus: Hundreds of shoppers block road while waiting outside Costco

Video footage of hundreds of shoppers waiting on a street in England for a Costco to open has proved just how desperate people are to stock up on supplies.

Multiple videos have popped up on social media showing hundreds of people lining up outside the supermarket in the town of Bushey, just outside of Watford, England.

The crazy scenes appear to have taken place sometime Sunday morning (local time).

Footage shows the long line of people spilling out onto the road with shopping trolleys, forcing cars to swerve onto the opposite side of the road to get around them.

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Social media users condemned the shoppers, with one telling people to “pull yourselves together”.

“WHAT THE HELL is wrong with these people. They are the ones causing an unneeded crisis,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Those news reports of panic buying of toilet paper in Australia were meant to be a cautionary tale. Not an instruction manual,” another said.

A video reportedly taken just 25 minutes after the store opened showed a huge line up for toilet paper.

“Only a few left,” a man can be heard saying in the video.

People around the world have been rushing to shops to stockpile as the coronavirus cases continue to rise.

In Australia shelves have been cleared of toilet paper, pasta, rice and hand sanitiser, forcing supermarkets to introduce limits on sought after items.

Tensions are high among shoppers at the moment, with a brawl breaking out at a Sydney Woolworths yesterday.

Footage from inside the supermarket showed large groups of customers yelling as a melee broke out at the Woolworths at Bass Hill.

Staff members and customers appeared to be trying to keep feuding parties apart in the shocking video. “He hit my dad,” a man could be heard yelling as he ran around the check-outs.

A police spokeswoman told a person had later been taken into custody over the incident.

Police called after customers brawl at Bass Hill Woolies

Police were called to a supermarket in south west Sydney yesterday after customers clashed with one another at the check out.

Police said they were called to the supermarket on the Hume Highway at Bass Hill about 12.30pm yesterday with reports of affray involving customers.

Officers were told a man, 54, was allegedly assaulted while waiting in a queue to pay for his groceries. After conducting inquiries another man, 39, was arrested at his Georges Hall home about 5.15pm yesterday. He was taken to Bankstown Police Station and later charged with common assault. He was granted conditional bail and is due in court on April 1.

Police said they didn’t believe the men were arguing over groceries.

Woolworths said in a statement the company “will not tolerate violence of any kind from customers”.

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