Canadian companies ramp up coronavirus measures as provinces ease restrictions – National

When travellers board Air Canada flights, they will have more than their tickets checked.

The Montreal-based airline will soon require all guests to have their temperature read, helping Air Canada detect potential travellers with COVID-19.

Similar checks have been implemented on a voluntary basis for two weeks at T&T Supermarket locations and over at Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc., shoppers started being forced to wear face masks to enter the store on Monday.

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The policies are part of a handful of increased protective measures companies are launching as provinces across Canada slowly start to reopen in the middle of the pandemic.

The measures are expected to change how we shop, work, travel and play, while the country builds up immunity to COVID-19 and works on developing a vaccine to combat it.

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“We have to get used to the fact that we will have to maintain physical distancing, but it’s not always going to be possible and so adding the mask gives a little extra layer precaution,” said Vivek Goel, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public School.

“We need to restore public confidence so that when (people are) going out to the store or getting on an airplane, they’re going to be as safe as possible.”

Coronavirus around the world: May 4, 2020

Coronavirus around the world: May 4, 2020

Some businesses have moved towards taking temperatures because it reinforces and reminds people, that if they have a temperature, a cough or a runny nose they should stay home.

The checks aren’t fail proof — many who contract the virus are asymptomatic at first — and masks have been a source of controversy for public health officials who deemed them unnecessary when the pandemic began, but Goel said both are bound to become common sightings as companies reopen.

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Already grocery stores have gone a few steps further with plexiglass shields for cashiers, special shopping hours for seniors and staggered lines keeping people at least about two metres apart.

Quebec, Ontario account for 92% of coronavirus deaths in Canada as cases approach 60K

They have also asked shoppers to stop bringing reusable bags to stores and have removed self-serve food counters and sampling.

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Adding the mask requirement is fairly new.

Gabriel Comanean, a Markham, Ont.-based renovations worker, first noticed grocery stores introducing the requirement for shoppers on a trip to Field Fresh Foods in Scarborough with his wife at the end of March.

“We went there shopping and then they asked us to leave,” he said. “We didn’t have masks on.”

A worker at the grocery store later verified the policy in a call with The Canadian Press.

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Comanean was initially taken aback by the request, but the couple later returned with masks and now wears them whenever they go shopping.

“It’s safer to have a mask on, not only for yourself but for other people and protecting them,” Comanean said.

Over at Air Canada, masks are just the start of precautions.

Canadians are being encouraged to stay home and avoid flying, but the airline has developed a plan for when restrictions are loosened, including infrared temperature checks, requiring customers to wear face coverings, revising food policies to minimize crew and passenger contact and beginning eclectrostatic cabin spraying to disinfect planes.

“To promote physical distancing and provide more personal space onboard our aircraft, we will block the sale of adjacent seats in economy class…until at least June 30,” added senior executive Lucie Guillemette, on the company’s Monday earnings call.

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“We will also be distributing care kits to every customer containing hand sanitizer and sanitization wipes.”

As more businesses start to open Goel expects them to be confronted by issues they have never encountered before, such as how many people to allow on an elevator at once or whether people should only be allowed to ride if they are wearing a mask.

In classrooms and at movie theatres, cleanings will need to be increased and some patrons may want to bring along their own wipes to give their seat an extra scrub.

Companies, he said, are going to have to warn customers and employees about changes in advance and make it simple to follow the guidelines.

That could mean selling masks at supermarkets, if you expect them to be worn in stores, he said.

“They’re going to have to make it as easy as possible,” he said. “There’s going to have to be a pretty significant change in public attitude.”

However, Goel said public needs to be reminded that while more measures can stop the spread of the disease, they won’t catch and prevent every COVID-19 case.

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“We have to be prepared to accept that there will be some cases of COVID-19 as we start to reopen things,” he said.

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“We’re going to have to weigh that against the benefits of staying locked up forever.”

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