Brit wrestled to ground and handcuffed ‘after flouting Spain’s coronavirus curfew’ – World News

This is the moment a British man allegedly flouting Spain’s coronavirus curfew rules was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed by police.

Footage was taken by a resident from his balcony in the capital of Palma.

The Brit can be heard shouting “Get off, get off” whilst the Spanish man recording the incident assures other onlookers that the two men struggling with him are the police.

Spain’s State of Emergency rules only allow people to be out on the street for one of a few reasons, including to visit a supermarket, bank or chemist or to go to and from work.

Police became suspicious when they saw the man walking quietly along the pavement but then reportedly hiding behind bushes when he spotted them.

Aerial view of Playa de Magaluf in Majorca
The incident happened in Mallorca during the Spain’s lockdown (File image)

According to the Spanish press, the officers asked him for his documents and although it seemed at first that he intended to co-operate, he then became agitated, pushed one of the policemen and ran away.

They then gave chase, eventually catching up with the Brit, said to be aged about 25.

The man shouts at police as he is wrestled to the ground and handcuffed

It is alleged that he then assaulted another officer.

The man, who was brought under control, was arrested and faces prosecution for breaching the State of Emergency, assaulting the police, resistance and injuries.

Spain has been in lockdown for two weeks under a national state of emergency.

The man was later taken away by officers

Spain says it has hit a new daily record for coronavirus deaths, with 838 fatalities in the last 24 hours for a total of 6,528, the world’s second-highest death count behind Italy.

Sunday’s number is slightly up from Saturday, when 832 people were reported to have died from the virus.

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Coronavirus outbreak

The number of infections rose by more than 6,500 from Saturday to Sunday for a new total of 78,797.

The rate of that increase in infections, however, continues to decrease.

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