Brazil Ministry of Health angered after President Bolsonaro authorized a rally, participated it and took photos with hundreds of supporters while suspected to carry coronavirus. Senate calls it ‘Crime against public health’ : worldnews

Caudillos cannot afford to be smart or seen as weak and they lose their supporters.

Caudillios must be the bullheaded stubborn jackasses thats rude to everyone because the uneducated mouthbreather thinks he is tough and manly which is a big thing in Iberian culture and history. Even killing women who speak out about your atrocities is seen as manly and tough, and there was an instance of that in Mexico in the 1940s with Maximino Avila Camacho killing a famous celebrity who oozed dominance. He died because of either:

He was too manly and tough to follow doctor’s orders on diet.

His forced bravado pissed off the head of the Mexican Intelligence Agency and he was killed


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