Boris Johnson in intensive care with coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care unit of hospital after coronavirus symptoms worsen.

The U.K. Prime Minister said last week he will stay in isolation because he is still feeling the effects of his coronavirus infection.

“I still have a temperature so in accordance with government advice I must continue my self-isolation until that symptom itself goes,” said Mr. Johnson in a video message. “But we’re working clearly the whole time on our program to defeat the virus.”

He said the U.K. should be able to perform 100,000 tests for COVID-19 per day by the end of the month.

Mr. Johnson tested positive for COVID-19 seven days ago. The U.K.’s health minister also caught the virus.

Like many other places, the U.K. is under a lockdown order to break chains of transmission.

Mr. Johnson said the British people might be getting stir crazy and tempted to “get out there.” He begged them to stay the course.

“Please, please stick with the guidance now,” he said. “This country has made a huge effort, a huge sacrifice. Stay at home, folks.”

The country has recorded nearly 39,000 infections, ranking it eighth in confirmed cases worldwide, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker.

Spain’s case count surged to nearly 118,000, meaning it had the second-most cases in the world for a time before Italy overtook it again.

The U.S. has recorded the most, with over a quarter million, though some question China’s reported tally of 82,500 cases.

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