1 million people expected to attend a religions festival starting March 25th, ignoring Covid-19 concerns : worldnews

Religion makes people do stupid things.

South Korea’s epidemic is mostly the result of the Church secretly sending missionaries to Wuhan in the middle of the epidemic, completely ignoring all precautions in the belief that God would save them. Another church sprayed salt water into the mouths of believers thinking it would protect against the virus, only to cause 46 new cases.

In Indonesia, thousands of Muslim pilgrims are gathered for a Muslim festival promoted by the Tablighi Jam’at. They claim that God will protect them from coronavirus. This is after a similar gathering of 16,000 Muslims in Malaysia caused hundreds of infections of coronavirus. Two thirds of the 800 cases in Malaysia can be traced to that one mosque. Apparently, there was no lesson learned, it’s the same Tablighi Jama’at now organizing the gathering in Indonesia.

In Cyprus, the Church is using the same spoon for communion wine. The priest says God’s spoon could never spread the virus.

There is no end to religious stupidity.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/fknuuo/india_1_million_people_expected_to_attend_a/

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